By now you have an idea what Redux is, what state is, and how Redux is useful for managing complex state in a web application. Redux is a popular library many projects and companies use to manage state and side effects, with a big community and great documentation. It’s certainly worth trying out in a future project if you are new to it. Redux Saga also allows you to handle asynchronous code with Redux.

  • Redux keeps the state of the entire application in a single object, called the store.
  • You also have to manage the dependencies and updates of multiple contexts, which can lead to code duplication and inconsistency.
  • Before you start learning Redux, make sure you know the basics of React.
  • Note that we use the reducer function as an argument for the createStore function to define a new Redux store for our application.
  • But in front-end, we write highly specialised, tightly coupled, multi-responsibility code to achieve simple tasks.

It accomplishes this task by defining actions that get dispatched to reducers. Redux is still popular among developers for assisting them in creating consistent user experiences and managing complicated logic for app state management. However, there have been several discussions regarding the overuse of Redux. It appears that far not all React apps truly require Redux. You have many application states that are required in numerous locations throughout the app. It might be challenging to modify the code that updates that data.

React Redux

React introduces a few headaches, learning it up front is challenging and keeping up is more so, but it will save you many, many headaches in the long run. Redux is strict about how the code is organized, which makes it easier for someone with knowledge of Redux to understand the structure of any Redux application. This also helps users separate business logic from the component tree. For large applications, it is critical to keep the application more predictable and maintainable. Redux allows users to manage the state of the application in one place and makes changes in the application more predictable and traceable. It makes it easier to reason about changes that occur in the application.

Main pros of Redux

This is because React was designed with the concept of states and lifecycles. And in React, state can also not be modified directly, it can only be done via the function setState. This makes it easier for Redux concepts to what is redux for be applied because they share they same understanding and behavior of a state object. With Redux, the state of your application is kept in a store, and each component can access any state that it needs from this store.

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